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Kim Thrower article reproduced from 'The County Magazine', August 1988:


by Janet Hawkins

The long, stone cottage with hens clucking contentedly about the garden is typical of many in the lake-studded Cotswolds around Fairiord. Only the back door gives a clue to its owner. Across the window pane a beautiful peacock struts to meet its mate.
It's an example of the exquisite glass engraving art of tall, dark Kirn Thrower (32) a designer for the world-famous Dartington Glass company founded by his charismatic father.
The back door artwork is unfinished but immortalises pet peacocks who refused to settle into a humdrum comfortable existence alongside the hens.
The pair wandered off in search of pastures new and were found through a local newspaper, hence the names "Wilts and Glos." Even so they refused to stay for long.
Kim is an artist of international repute and works entirely to commission engraving small pieces or huge panels of glass.

As one of the Dartington Glass team of designers his latest achievement is the new "Four Seasons" range of glassware launched last month at a trade fair in Harrogate.
His designs of tulips, snowdrops, fuschia and dog rose, complement the shape of the glassware perfectly They will be double sandblasted on to the glass to give a variety of tonal effects.
A twelve inch high vase will be priced between £25 and £30 and the range of two vases and a bowl will make a collectable set of twelve pieces likely to be in the shops before Christmas.
The Dartington factory at Torrington in
Devon is a mere three hour drive from the cottage Kirn shares with his pretty singer/songwriter wife Jane and their four-year-old daughter Rose,
His father Frank Thrower died suddenly last year, aged 55, a self-made man who worked hard and played hard.
Kim recalls one of his father's school reports which stated "This boy will never make an artist. He has no idea of line."
"I think that bugged him a bit," says Kim, "He got an MBE for glass design and became a fellow of the Royal College of Art so he proved them wrong!"
Frank Thrower's 'Who's Who' entry is unusual for its honesty and wit.
It reads: "Flunked out of Stationers Company School due to enjoying both fine summer and Denis Compton's batting at Lord's Cricket Ground, 1947.
"Tried to sell pottery and glass, succeeded. Saw where there was scope for new ideas and method design. "Joined Portmeirion and sold year's production in four weeks,"

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